Life Style Disorder In modern era everybody has a poor life style .They don't have time to take rest properly. Even in most of cases patient are not taking  healthy diet because they do not have time to follow proper diet plans and the result is that they create deficiency of vitamin & minerals  in there body.In many offices we can see most of the people are siting infront of computers or doing table work  and they used to sit for  7 to 8 hours per day in bad posture without rest.This can create a pain in there joints and spine also.Poor body posture,  unhealthy/irregular diet schedule and inadequate rest are the main cause of life style disorder. At Global Pain & Spine Clinic, treated all  patients suffering from life style disorder.
( +91 ) - 9956495454 3/52, Flat No. G-2, Krishna Apartment,Vishnupuri, Kanpur-208002  Physical Therapy Physical therapy is a type of rehabilitative treatment aimed at helping  patients restore, recover, maintain, or improve their physical functionality. Our physical therapists have experience working with a wide variety of patients  whose movement has been affected by aging, disease, environmental factors,  or who have been injured on the job, playing sports, or in automobile  accidents. Not only do we use traditional strength exercises, but we combine them with one-on-one manual therapy in our state of the art facility.                                                                                               Our therapists believe in addressing the root  causes instead of just treating the symptoms, and we begin with a  comprehensive analysis of our patients’ unique body mechanics to find the  source of the problem. Treatment Plan At Global Pain & Spine Clinic, we take a unique, dual-approach to physical rehabilitation. We combine strength and mobility exercises  with one-on-one, individually selected manual therapy.  Manual therapy has proven to be extremely effective for all of our patients,  across a wide variety of disorders, and is key to successful recovery and patient satisfaction. There are no exercises, machines, or  equipment that could substitute the healing hands of our therapists. We can find and feel the joints and the muscles, and work on the  source of the problem. Conditions are treated effectively with Physical Therapy at Global Pain & Spine Clinic Our Physical Therapists effectively treat these medical conditions: * Back Pain * Herniated Disc * Disc Degeneration * Elbow Pain * Fibromyalgia * Knee Pain * Hip Pain * Carpel Tunnel Syndrome * Neck Pain * Neuropathy * Osteoporosis * Sciatica * Shoulder Pain * Spinal Stenosis * Spondylolisthesis * Wrist Pain